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The ceilings are very high, too high for ladders, so scaffolding was constructed.

So now the next step, run the electrical wiring, sand the roof trusses and cross beams. Even with the scaffold ladders were necessary.

OK Insulation just happens. Everything must be pinked, starting with the bedroom bath and closet.




Insulation continues for awhile, then one day you look around and there's nothing else to insulate. That day ain't gonna happen anytime soon. First you insulate the ceiling, then finish the ceiling, then do away with the scaffolding. Then insulate the walls to a point. Then run the rough electric, then finish the insulation.



Once the insulation is done then it's time to complete the ceiling. We decided to use tongue and groove spruce boards. We used tongue and groove pine boards for the office and the spruce boards were a lot cleaner and really very nice.


We wanted the trusses to show, since they looked so nice, they're yellow pine, by-the-way. So we finished off behind them. A lot of extra work but seemed worth the effort.


We had the electrician wire the ceiling fans while we had the scaffolding up.


We also trimmed up the joints between the sections of tongue and groove.


Donna checking out the view after we poked holes in the plywood for the windows. The house is facing the right way, so I guess we can proceed with the windows.


OK now the windows are in, the upper ones were heavy.


I made another foopah with the kitchen windows on the top East wall. They afforded a great view of the roof overhang. Oops. We just ripped them out an moved them to the mudroom.


Here is the photo with the upper East wall windows removed and insulated over. It was hard to tell when I sketched this out that there wouldn't be a view. I guess I should have measured.


Ralph decided to do a window test, yes I see you. OK windows passed.


After the windows it was time to do some interior walls. This wall is between the entrance and the kitchen.


This is the master bathroom. It will have an open ceiling, at least for now. If we ever decide we need more space and add a second floor, we'll cap it then.


This is the wall between the great room, which we call the big house, and entrance, with the kitchen and then mudroom in the background.


The entrance way ceiling, finished off with the spruce T&G.


The entrance way with a little deck to keep the weather off of you while you're fumbling for the keys.


After the windows were in we double sealed them with some really sticky tape.


Then time for the siding. We really liked the cedar siding. We did the office in a vertical cedar, but we decided just to lap this board. It was a good choice as it looks great.


Here is the first corner, yes it looks real good. This stuff was easy to install as well. And to top it off it smells good. We were going to use hardy board, the stuff that uses woven cement, but went with the more traditional look of cedar



From a distance the south side of the house is complete, still looks great.



The mudroom entrance way. We'll need a little deck with overhang here as well.


Two ballplayers passing by the north side of the house. What do you think boys?



Rather than use tongue and groove spruce for the upper wall detail, we didn't want the drywall guy to get up on a ladder, so we decided to trim it with the cedar board, same as the exterior siding.


Got carried away and used it around the house everywhere down to the drywall level. The house looks and smells terrific.


We didn't need to but we decided to embellish the frame a bit.


Another shot of the embellishment.
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